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If you’ve ever played land-based bingo you’ll be conversant with the idea of bingo calls and the fact that many have them have droll phrases that are linked with them. These are the quirky and often completely perplexing verses or slogans that come after the numbers. While they force sound random, Online Bingo monikers actually go back a long way, originating from cockney rhyming slang. As well as livening up the average game, also help avoid errors amid numbers that might otherwise sound similar by offering extra explaining amid say, 29 and 25.


Online Bingo made in the UK in the 1950s and many of them are believed to have been taken from a 1930s army game known as Housey-Housey. This describes why so many Online Bingo have soldierly references close. Of course over the years they have been additional to and different, and there are multiple different calls for many of the numbers.

Being an Online Bingo takes a great deal of skill and knowledge of the different Online Bingo. In the 1960s there were even celebrity Online Bingo and a Uk Online Bingo of the Year competition that ran all the way up until 2007.  Are still present at most online and if you go to a bricks and mortar bingo hall you’ll be sure to find a caller ruling over the action there.

POPULAR UK Online Bingo

 Online Bingo are regularly evolving, and they often vary amid different regions and areas. Sometimes they rhyme with the numbers they represent, or they can describe the advent of the numbers (for example (11) or  (88)).

Here are some of our favorite Online Bingo that you will probably come across in your land-based and online bingo ventures:

7 – Lucky seven: Usually, the number seven has always been careful lucky.

11 – Legs eleven: The number 11 could be held to look like a pair of legs.

13 – Unlucky for some: The number 13 is usually considered to be unlucky.

14 – Valentine’s day: This one is fairly clear as Valentine’s Day is on February 14th.

16 – Sweet sixteen: 16 is a significant birthday for most youths.

18 – Pending of age: 18 is when people in the UK formally become adults.

22 – Two little ducks: The number two rather look like a duck, so 22 is like two ducks.

25 – Duck and dive: This is a blend of the two that looks like a duck and the five that looks like a snake (therefore you would want to dive out of the way)

30 – Dirty Grete: A popular culture reference from World War 2. “Dull Grete from Bizerte” was a pretty simple song vocal by the militias.

42 – Winnie the pooh: This one is an example of rhyming dialect with reference to the loveable appeal formed by A.A. Milne

44 – Droopy drawers: This one is fairly rhyming slang and partly a visual picture of the number four, which is careful to look like baggy underwear.

50 – Half a century: Fifty years is really half a century.

65 – Old age pension: 65 is usually the age when a person can start to collect their income.

69 – Either way up: This Bingo plays on the fact that the number 69 is the same if you turn it upside down.

77 – Double hockey sticks: This is a play on the fact that a seven looks a bit like a reversed hockey stick.

88 – Two fat ladies: The number eight is often referred to as resembling a curvy womanly numeral. Therefore 88 is likened to two amply regular ladies.

90 – Top of the shop: This is a reference to the fact that 90 is the chief number (in 90-ball bingo anyway!).

 UK Online Bingo add a great sense of fun and entertainment to the online bingo experience. Once you understand the Online you can enjoy the game even more (and have a bit of a laugh at the same time).


While the majority of bingo Online originate from the UK and are used around the world, the US, in specific, has put its own spin on a number of them. Here are some of our dear American UK Online Bingo

6 – Tom Mix: A show star from silent movies

8 – Harry Tate: Early film star and music hall joker

30 – Burlington Bertie: Early 1900s music room song

39 – Jack Benny: A US joker who was popular in the 50s and 60s. His name joke was that he was always 39 years old.

42 – The street in Manhattan: This was called after the 1933 movie called 42nd Road

45 – Cowboy’s friend: Named next a Colt 45 gun

50 – Hawaii five-oh: This was a US police play in the 1970s

75 – Big Daddy: This is the maximum number in American Bingo, later the name.

77 – Sunset Strip: This was extra US TV show after the 50s and 60s.

Most Online Bingo have their own differences and mixtures of Bingo Online so there’s always something new to learn.


With new Online being formed all the time, it’s likely we’ll see them change many times over as new popular culture references and younger cohorts make their mark on the world of bingo, both online and offline. There is also the option, but, that the skill of the Uk Online Bingo and knowing their nicknames might be a dying art. Political correctness and the smooth flow of a Online, like 4 and 9  – 49, or 3 and 1 – 31, seems to be more beautiful to the bingo software designers than preserving a piece of bingo history.

NEW UK Online Bingo

As Online Bingo are a surfacing verbal of their own, there are some fresher Online that are built on current popular culture. These Uk Online Bingo appeal to a fresher audience and in many ways are a product of the more youthful demographic that online bingo appeals to. Some of these newer Online Bingo are a little divisive but many of them are hilarious and highly diverting. Most of them take a rhyming line so they are easy to know.

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